History of the World Cup

Interact with a timeline focused on the history of the World Cup. From headbutts to Pickles the dog, the stories surrounding the event abound.


CDC Report: America’s 10 Cities Dealing with a Drinking Problem

Men’s Health magazine took data from a Centers for Disease Control study on alcohol use to rank U.S. cities by their “drunkenness.” Using an unscientific method, the magazine gave cities rankings based on liver disease, DUI arrests, etc.

Interact with the results here.

Scene in South Bend map

This map serves as an extension of The Observer’s “Scene in South Bend” series, meant to inspire Notre Dame students to explore interesting spots around the city. The goal of this map is to make touring South Bend accessible and engaging to students. Check out what the city has to offer, from tacos to donuts to music venues, and read The Observer’s reviews linked in each icon.

(Yellow = Food, Purple = Fun, Brown = Coffee)